MacPro 2.66 Quad-Core  – 8 GB Ram

Protools HDX 10.3.9   – Digidesign 192 Digital I/O (16 A/D/A via Radar 24)

RADAR 24 Nyquist Hard Disk Recorder (24 channels of A/D/A)

Otari MTR-90 2″ 16 Track

Genelec 1031A,  Yamaha NS10M – Monitors

Focusrite Red 7 Mic Pre & Dynamics

Brent Averill Neve 1272 Mic Pre’s X2

Tube-Tech MEC 1A Recording Chanel

Manley Massive Passive Stereo Equalizer

Manley Stereo Variable-Mu Limiter Compressor

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor

SPL Transient Designer 2

Neumann Gefell UM92.s multi-pattern tube mic (M7 capsule)  

Sony C48 large diaphragm Condenser 

Sony C38 large diaphragm Condenser

AKG C414-ULS large diaphragm Condenser X2

AKG C451 EB  (Cardiod & Omni Capsules) X3

Audio Technica 4047  large diaphragm FET Condenser X2

Shure SM81 small diaphragm Condenser X2

Sennheiser MD421-II  X3

AKG D112 X2,  AKG D-12 X2

Shure SM57, Beta 57a, Beta 52A

Reamp V.2 – Audio to Amp interface

GT Speaker Emulator II (16 ohm load)

70’s Maestro Echoplex

DeltaLab ADM 1024 & 4096 – Vintage digital Delays


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